6 Steps to Grow your Telegram Community

grow telegram community

Creating your  Telegram channel is a first very important step but obviously not the last. Growth of any community is a cumulative process. The more people you have in the community, the faster your community will grow. This is called the network effect – followers grow new followers until you get a critical mass. This is super powerful to grow Telegram community!

This blog post shows you how to implement a growth marketing strategy for your Telegram community. Whether your aim is steady or viral growth, you will find a structured approach to engaging and expanding your Telegram channel.

These steps include both paid and free channels. Multi-channel approach gives you all the tools you need to reach your target audience with the greatest impact.

1. Growth Marketing Team

Marketing your community is a big effort and requires time – especially at the beginning. Growth is also not the sole responsibility of the community manager.

If this is an option – hiring a growth team will benefit your project with professionals whose sole focus is to grow your Telegram channel. Expect them to implement strategies proven to attract new members.

Keep in mind that community members take note when they receive a prompt reply to their questions. With the growth of the channel – there will be more effort needed from the community manager.

You can also hire freelancers on sites like Upwork.

2. Referral Programs

A referral program leverages existing community members to spread the word about your channel. This works because people trust those who resemble themselves than a brand more. Your Telegram group will grow much trust faster if community members speak on your behalf.

How does it work? Various tactics can drive participation, from posting in the forums to website banners to social media. These interactions can generates word of mouth across multiple channels and result in a boost of signups. When new members arrive from their referral link, the group member gets a reward.

3. Influencers

Influencers are a powerful force these days. Partnering with an influencer can give you access to an engaged audience. If an influencer mentions your project, their followers will be eager to understand more. This can easily help to grow Telegram community.

You could start from YouTube influencers – they are most effective because the platform itself functions as a learning hub. You can also use influencer platforms to find the best fit faster.

4. Press and PR

Publicity from trusted sources will generate awareness and trust for your Telegram channel. Start by compiling a list of publications, blogs, and writers interested in your field. Prepare a pitch before you make contact. Journalists are busy people but they find time for a good relevant story. Include your value proposition and the impact of your project. The more timely and captivating your pitch is, the more likely you will get the coverage.

5. Social Media

If you already have presence on other social media channels – you have to use them to grow Telegram community. Social media lets you engage the widest possible audience. The more active you are online, the more visible and well-known your brand will become.

To engage your audience, share valuable content such as industry news, influencer ReTweets, and your own original content. Your content should encourage people to join your community for more.

One more tip – don’t skip on the visuals because people love pictures and video. In fact, Facebook posts with images receive 2.3x the engagement than those without images.

6. Paid Advertising

Most experts agree that it is almost impossible to promote your channel using only the free ways. Prepare to work hard and invest money if you want to see a good growth progress. What you can do with your $$$?

  • Buy ads from specialists. If you have a budget but don’t have the time to search and to study the details, turn to the advertising stock exchanges and advertising space selling channels. For example, Sociate.ru and Telega.in. If you use a stock exchange you just look for suitable channels with the help of filters and buy ads right there.
  • Promote your Telegram community in big channels. You can search for the channels you may benefit from and write to the authors of each one. The majority of admins will tell you the cost or send you the pricing.
  • Reddit is a cheap way to generate awareness within a highly engaged community. You can run a pay-per-click ad atop the subreddits feed – for only $0.75 per thousand pageviews. You can also purchase the entire subreddit ad inventory. One case study found that investing less than $100 on Reddit earned 75,000 impressions.

As I mentioned, growth is a slow-moving but critical asset to your Telegram channel. Member retention is equally important. In order for grow steadily, you must simultaneously mitigate member churn while attracting new followers. Keep it rolling!


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